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Why volunteer with Bunyonyi Impact ?
Bunyonyi Impact was set up to offer volunteers an affordable, safe and exciting experience. We are not for profit and work directly with the local communities. We strive to offer low fees while also ensuring that you are immersed in the local culture and put in a position to make a difference. You'll have the opportunity to inspire people in need and we're confident you will thoroughly enjoy your experience with us on the shores and islands of one of African's most beautiful lake.

Why volunteer abroad?
Because it's an amazing experience! Being a volunteer requires you to give up your time and just a bit of money and help those less fortunate. Yet through helping others you will gain so much more.

Why should I pay to volunteer?
We are not-for-profit. The program fee is used to help the local communities and to inspire the other volunteers, and to ensure that you have good food and accommodation while with us.

How do I volunteer with Bunyonyi Impact?
We have several programmes, ranging from medical care, teaching English, community care, environmental proctection and culture promotion. Just choose your area of interest and apply online. You may call us for more information if you'd like at 00256782192689.

What are the meals and accommodation like?

We strive to offer outstanding value to our volunteers. We believe you'll like the facilities and meals -- eat healthy, tasty local food (including the local specialty of crayfish from the lake if you'd like) as you stay at a stone's throw (yes, just a few meters) from beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.

What about malaria?
Malaria is a serious disease spread by mosquitoes. It is not a huge problem at Lake Bunyonyi; the cool climate ensures that mosquitoes are not here in swarms. However, malaria can occur here and is certainly an issue in lower-lying areas nearby. We therefore provide all volunteers with mosquito nets. Generally, for travels to Uganda and other African countries, make sure your doctor knows exactly where you are traveling so he or she can provide the right anti- malarial medication. Malaria prevention medication should be taken according to your doctor's instruction before visiting the affected areas.

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