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Our Projects:
Lake Bunyonyi Community Clinic

Lake Bunyonyi Commmunity Clinic was founded by Claire Kwesiga and is
sponsored by Medaid Africa a non profit volunteer organaisation established to provide essential medical supplies to remote medical clinics throught africa .The clinic is the only clinic located in Rutinda village Bunyonyi area where fresh breezes, breath taking views and sound of songbirds fill the air.The clinic serves close to five villages around lake Bunyonyi,and we have established placements in the village of Mungyera where we mostly carry out mobile clinics.

Our Vision
Healthy and Productive community free from preventable diseases and with better health services.

The services offered.
-Treatment of Sexual transmitted diseases.
-Family planning.
-H.I.V/Aids testing and counselling
-Out patient Care
-Malaria testing and treatment
-Home visits
-Health education

Volunteers from many parts of the planet might be found here.Typically they are either med- or pre-med students who are seeking an opportunity to experience a clinic setting, lake Bunyonyi community clinic will give you one.

Volunteers with any medical backgrounds are encouraged to apply,nurses and doctors are especially welcomed.

A day at the clinic (To enlarge, move mouse over the image)

Bunyonyi Impact Nusery School founded by Claire Kwesiga sponsors close to 80 children from Vulnerable homes, it is located in Mungyera village a small fishing village in Bunyonyi.In the same village we support Hakahumiro primary school which has about 600 children in the P.1 to P.7 class ages 5years to 17years.
Our teaching programs are beautiful, we feel that only through education will Bunyonyi ever be able to rise above its historic,economic and social dysfunction, you do not have to be a professional teacher, you simply need an open heart and a desire to improve the individual understanding of children and the world in general.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding of the assignments,your presence will open hearts and minds to life outside of a small village where ideas of life beyond their small corner of the world are seldom generated,teaching children and inspiring the teachers with new methods will leave your legacy in place.

A day at the school (To enlarge, move mouse over the image)

Bunyonyi Impact Crafts.
Our crafts centre located in lake bunyonyi area has a variety of beautiful crafts made by the community women and men.Our mission is to provide and sustain some income for the people making these crafts

Culture Promotion.
We help those living traditional lifestyles in a variety of ways. Part of the benefit of interacting with these people is that volunteers can, in a non-superficial way, witness African tribal culture -- namely that the Bakiga and the Batwa (sometimes referred to as Pygmy). Visit homes, learn to cook traditional foods, learn raditional dances and see how they make the handcraft. You'll experience the friendship of these wonderful people.